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Abentin Drench

    Abentin Drench

    Abentin Drench (Livestock suspension)

    Abentin Drench is a drug manufactured by SelMore Pharmaceuticals PVT LTD. This industry is located in Lahore, Pakistan.  SelMore received the first national veterinary pharmaceutical certification.

    SelMore deals in livestock and poultry products. 

    Abentin Drench is a broad range parasiticidal that is used effectively for parasites in animals. This drug is useful for the internal and external parasites of animals.

    In seasonal changes animals face multiple diseases like roundworms, hookworms nasal bots, etc. these parasites are common in cattle, buffalo sheep, and goats.

    Animals are important in the lives of human beings. More healthcare of animals is necessary as they proved us company, protection, food, and fun as well.

    Due to the various internal and external problems in animals, owners need some quality and cost-effective drugs to treat their animals.

    Farmers have to deliver foods like milk and meat, other than that animals provide wool and work too. To keep animals healthy and safe from diseases they should be provided with a quality dosage and nutritionally balanced diet.

    Livestock animals need a balanced diet and oral suspensions to be strong and healthy. This suspension contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and formulas for killing worms. 


    Abentin Drench is useful for cattle, goats, and sheep.

    It is an oral suspension containing multiple sizes 50ml, 100ml, etc. per bottle.

    Accurate dosage is 1ml per 10kg bodyweight

    This suspension contains:

    Abentin Drench

    Albendazole          (10%)

    Triclabendazole    (12%)

    Ivermectin             (2%)


    Keep out of reach for children.

    The storage temperature for this product should be below 25 degrees centigrade.

    Before using it consult the veterinarian.

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    By: Nida Riasat

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