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Acne Soft

    Acne Soft

    Acne Soft

    Acne soft cleanser is a liquid acne cleanser. It is used for acne and oily skin and is manufactured by Nigehban.

    There are several types of acne. These can vary from small bumps to serious cysts. Acne can present as non-inflammatory blemishes such as blackheads and whiteheads.

    These result from a buildup of dead skin and oil in hair follicles and are most common on the face, back, and chest.

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    Acne Soft

    Product Form: Liquid

    Pack Size: 100ml


    Acne Soft Cleanser is a mild effective and gentle Acne cleanser that provides deep and thorough cleansing without over-drying and irritation.

    It removes excess oil and penetrates deep into pores to help eliminate most acne blemishes and keep pores clog-free.

    Acne soft cleanser is a suitable cleansing agent in combination with other acne medications.


    Acne soft contains Salicylic acid & Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.


    Used twice daily, on the face or other area affected by acne or oily skin condition, wet face, or other affected area.

    Apply to hands, add water & make lather, massage the affected area gently, and then rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.


    A person should speak to a doctor or dermatologist if whiteheads, blackheads, papules, or pustules: are severe, do not respond to OTC medications, or are very painful.

    Acne Soft back

    Additionally, sometimes very large, bleed a lot, release a lot of pus, cover a significant portion of the face or body, cause emotional distress, develop very close to sensitive areas, such as the eyes or lips.

    Quality is dermatology.

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    By: Tariq Ali Shah

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