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    Antial (Loratadine) suspension is manufactured by SAMI pharmaceutical (Pvt.) Ltd. This medicine is used against allergic disorders.

    Package Contains: Package contains approximately 30ml of Antial (Loratadine) Suspension.Antial


    Each 5ml Contains Loratadine USP of 5mg. This medicine is long- acting-Non-Sedating Antihistamine which means that this medicine is effective in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, chronic urticaria, and pollen-induced asthma.


    Loratadine is used to temporarily relieve the symptoms of hay fever (allergy to pollen, dust, or other substances in the air) and other allergies.

    These symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes, nose, or throat. Loratadine is also used to treat itching and redness caused by hives. Loratadine is a medicine used to relieve symptoms of allergies, such as runny nose, sneezing, or itchy eyes, nose, or throat.  

    This medicine is also given to help with redness and itching caused by hives. Loratadine is in class of drugs called antihistamines. It works by blocking the effects of a substance called histamine in your body.


    Antial Back

    Adults 2 teaspoonfuls daily

    Children (2 to 12 years):

    Under 30kg body weight 1 teaspoonful daily

    Over 30kg body weight 2 teaspoonfuls daily

    Or as directed by the physician

    Contra-indications: Antial suspension is contraindicated in patients who have shown sensitivity or idiosyncrasy to its components.


    • Replace cap securely after use.
    • Keep out of reach of children. For oral use only
    • Avoid exposure to heat, light and freezing.
    • Store below 15 to 30°C. Improper storage may deteriorate the medicine.
    • Shake well before use.

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    By: Mehwish Malik

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