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    Cardnit is composed of Glyceryl Trinitrate (GTN) which is a medication in itself and used in diluted form. Glyceryl Trinitrate is also known as Nitroglycerin. This composition can be used without dilution too if it is directed by the doctor.

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    The main purpose of using Cardnit is to prevent blood clotting and treat cardiovascular diseases such as heart stroke, angina, and heart failure. Another minor function of this medicine is to reduce chest pain, low high blood pressure, and anal fissures.

    The non-diluted form of this medicine has the same functionality as the diluted form with a difference in dosage and patient history. The prescription must be followed in this regard.

    Cardnit is only available as sustained released tablets and no injection form is yet available. Therefore, it can be taken only orally. However, Glyceryl Trinitrate is available in injection form with different names. A standard pack of this medicine contains 30 sustained-release tablets.

    This medicine is available in diverse levels of dosage in both diluted and non-diluted forms. In diluted form, it is available as 2.6mg and 6.4mg tablets. The same level is available in the non-diluted form.

    The dosage level means the amount of Glyceryl Trinitrate used in the medicine. The level is adjusted by the physician or doctor according to the patient. Patients having a history of Hypersensitivity and Anemia are not recommended to take this medicine.

    Side effects of this medicine may include burning sensation, low blood pressure, increasing heartbeat, dizziness, and nausea. In some cases, it may raise chest pain.

    Cardnit is originally manufactured by Atco Laboratories. Brief detail about the medicine is available on the official website of Atco Laboratories.

    In order to purchase this medicine online, there are many websites such as,,, and many others. The prices can be compared on different websites.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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