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    Carveda (Carvedilol tablets U.S.P) tablets are manufactured by Ferozsons laboratories limited.

    This medicine is used to prevent hypertension and heart strokes.


    Each pack contains:

    Each pack contains 10 film-coated tablets of 25mg.


    Each film-coated tablet contains Carvedilol U.S.P. 25mg.


    This medicine is used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure. This medicine is used to improve the survival chances after a heart stroke. 

    This medicine by lowering blood pressure prevents heart attack, strokes, and kidney problems. This medicine acts as a beta-blocker and prevents hypertension.

    Side effects:

    Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms persist. This medicine caused vomiting, nausea, tiredness, headache, dizziness, weakness, lightheadedness, and diarrhea.

    To reduce these risks a patient must rise slowly when sitting or lying down.


    As advised by the physician. The maximum dosage is 50 mg administered to the patient. However, the patient should be kept at a lower dosage of this medicine.

    This medicine should be taken with food to reduce the rate of absorption. (see literature insert for details)

    Carveda back


    Do not store above 30°C. Keep away from moisture, heat, light, and children. To be dispensed on the prescription of the registered medical practitioner only.


    You can contact the manufacturer of this medicine online at

    You can buy this medicine online at

    By: Javairia Israr

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