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    ENO fruit salt lemon flavor is in a form of powder, it is used for symptomatic relief of heartburn, acid indigestion, sour stomach and upset stomach due to these symptoms.

    ENO is available in regular, lemon and orange flavors in both bottle and sachet formats, It is for oral administration only, children under 12 years shouldn’t use it. ENO is manufactured by GSK Consumer Healthcare.

    Package contains:

    Each package contains 12 sachets having all other information written on them, you can also buy in a bottle and 72 sachets box.



    Each sachet have 5gm NET

    Sodium bicarbonate BP 2.277gm

    Citric Acid BP 2.155gm

    Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous 0.5gm

    Sodium Carbonate Decahydrate, Lime Flavour,

    Saccharin Sodium, Speckfree Green.

    Direction for Use:

    For adults and children aged 12 years and over:

    Dissolve 5gm or 1 sachet in a minimum of 1 cup of water.

    Drink as symptoms occur, wait for 2 to 3 hours before taking a second dose.


    ENO back

    Do not take a second dose of less than 2 hours.

    Do not take more than 14 days.

    Do not use for under 12 years of age.

    In the event of an overdose, seek medical advice immediately.

    Store below 30C.

    Protect from excessive heat and moisture.

    Keep out sight and reach of children.

    Read the instructions carefully before use.

    For more information on products or any adverse reporting and information visit the GSK website on the link below.

    You can buy ENO online on the links below:

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