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    (Montelukast Sodium)

    Floaid is composed of Montelukast which is used in curing pulmonary disorders such as asthma, chest tightness, cough, breathing problems and bronchospasm. Sodium is mixed with Montelukast to keep up the oxygen level.

    Therefore, Floaid is mainly used as remedy for prophylaxis of asthma, Symptomatic relief from allergic rhinitis and chronic asthma. Other minor functions of this medicine include treating cough, wheezing and shortness of breath.

    This drug is available in film coated capsules in different levels of dosage. It is available in 4 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg. Each level has corresponding amount of Montelukast Sodium in it.

    Such as 10 mg capsule has 10.4 mg of Montelukast Sodium in it. Same goes for the other levels too. The amount of Montelukast Sodium used in a tablet is equivalent to Montelukast Acid used per tablet.

    The level of dose and duration to take this medicine is prescribed by the doctor or physician and it is must to follow that to avoid any harm. Regarding specification, Floaid belong to HNL specs.

    Side effects of the medicine may vary from patient to patient. Those with a history of hypersensitivity with pulmonary medicines are not recommended to use this medicine. Normally, it may enhance headache, cough and worsen the difficulty in breathing.

    If the side effects do not stop appearing, seek the medical help immediately. Also Floaid cannot be considered as a remedy in COVID symptoms, consult the doctor or physician in this regard.

    It is used in form of tablets or powdered form. Hence, it is used orally only. Powdered form is Paediatric and usually recommended for children.

    Floaid is manufactured by Abbott. The details, description and composition of all levels of dose id mentioned at official website of Abbott.

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    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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