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Kent 57

    Kent 57

    Kent 57

    Kent 57 (Osteoarthritis) homeopathic drops are used to treat bones and joints with different diseases and disturbances. It is mostly useful for pain in hands, lips, knees and feet, pain in the spine, stiffness of bones, tenderness and occasional swelling.

    It helps in joint deformity (in later stages of osteoarthritis), joint cracking, often accompanied by pain, deep ulceration caries of bones, intense throbbing pain, and bone pain in extremities.

    It also treats sensation of swelling, cranial bones soft and thin, stiffness and pain with a cold numb feeling, pain in joints and bones, occipital pain, pain in the hip joints, and stiffness of knees.


    • Breakdown of cartilage at end of the bone.
      • Disturbance of the calcium metabolism.
      • Inflammation of the bone and joints.
      • Osteoarthritis.


    Kent 57

    In general 10 drops 3 times daily.


    Asafoedita D4.

    Araneus diadematus D6.

    Calcium phosphoricum D6.

    Hakla lava D6.

    Kali iod D4. 

    Mercurius praecipitaus ru D9.

     Nat sulfuricum D4.

     Stilling sylvatica D4.           


    Store in a cool, dry place and protect from sunlight.

    Keep away from heat and light and children.

    Use according to the direction of a physician or your concerned doctor.

    Use the leaflet inside for further information if needed.

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    By: Erum Shaikh.

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