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    Kuffy is a sugar-free fast relief cough syrup. It is very effective for the relief of any type of cough, whether it may be a dry cough, smoker’s cough, & allergic cough. It belongs to a class of drugs called expectorants.

    It works in common cold, cough, loosening mucus, and clearing congestions. It is an herbal syrup formed by IVY (name of the medicinal plant) Leaf Formulation. It is a non-sedative drug.



    • Allergic cough.
    • Productive cough.
    • Dry cough.

    Package Contains:

    Each packet contains 1200ml of Kuffy syrup in a plastic bottle.


    Each 20ml contains:

    Achyranthes aspera200mgPiper nigrum40mg
    Adhatoda vasica400mgSisymbrium irio400mg
    Glycyrrhiza glabra400 mgSolanum nigrum400mg
    Hedera helix900mgTerminalia bellerica400mg
    Ocimum sanctum250mgTerminalia chebula40mg
    Pelargonium sidoids40mgTinospora cordifolia200mg
    Mentha piperita oil0.02mlZingiber officinale400mg
    Phyllanthus emblica400mg  

    Recommended Dosage:

    Kuffy back
    • Children 2-6 years: 2.5ml twice a day.
    • Children 6-12 years: 5ml twice a day.
    • Adults: 10ml twice a day.

    OR as directed by the physician.


    • Keep all medicines out of the reach of the children.
    • Do not store above 25°C.
    • Do not refrigerate.
    • Protect from direct sunlight.
    • Herbal extracts may form small clusters.
    • Shake well before use.


    It is manufactured by SUPERIOR WELLNESS (Pvt.) Ltd.

    You can buy this drug online, by going to the link below:

    By: Tayyaba Zareen

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