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    ORAN-G Forte is a nutritional supplement sachet containing Calcium + Vitamin C. This medicine is primarily used to treat constipation.

    Package contains:

    The package of ORAN-G contains 10 orange-flavored sachets.



    Each orange-flavored sachet contains

    Calcium Carbonate (USP) 685mg

    Calcium Lactate (USP) 200mg

    Calcium Gluconate (USP) 20mg

    Vitamin C (USP) 500mg

    (USP Specifications)


    ORAN-G Forte is an improved formulation which provides high potency of Calcium and Vitamin C that helps to overcome the deficiencies of these essential ingredients.

    Vitamin C has a natural laxative effect that helps relieve constipation.


    Mix one Sachet of ORAN-G Forte in a glass of water. For adults, it is advised to take one sachet once or twice daily or as prescribed by your doctor depending upon your medical condition.

    ORAN-G back


    Store the medicine below 30°C.

    Protect from heat, light, and moisture.

    Keep out of reach of the children.


    For Diabetic and hypertensive patients, it is advised to use according to medical advice.

    This product is a nutritional supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    It is manufactured by Incepta Pharma Pakistan Ltd and marketed by Horizon Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd.

    Link to Manufacturer https://www.inceptapharmapk

    You can purchase ORAN-G Forte online from

    By: Nida Afzal

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