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    Osnate is originally composed of two chief ingredients that are ossein mineral complex and vitamin D. Ossein is a mineral that is composed of phosphorus, protein, collagen, and other minor minerals and salts that are essential for bones.

    Osnate mineral complex is abundantly found in bones and its deficiency cause ailments like osteoporosis, joint pain, dental caries, rickets, and instability of bones.

    With the combination of Vitamin-D, it becomes easy to dissolve in bones and work on the deficiency of minerals. Osnate also makes up the dental floss and dental caries.

    The box of this medicine contains 30 film-coated tablets in case of capsule dosage. Each tablet has 830mg of ossein mineral complex dose in it along with 400UI of Vitamin-D.

    Other minerals and salts used in the composition of medicine are Calcium (177.6mg), Phosphorus (82.2mg), Collagen (224.0mg), Residual Mineral salts (24.9mg), Proteins (66.4mg), and other trace elements essential for the dissolution of minerals in bones.

    In the case of syrup, the box contains the bottle of syrup only. The syrup is typically suggested for the children and it is given twice daily before a meal in 1 or 2 teaspoons and 2 to 4 teaspoons for adults or as recommended by the physician.

    It is available as a tablet or syrup and hence can be taken only orally with water. Generally, 1 or 2 tablets are recommended for adults as written on the package of medicine, but it should only be taken as suggested by the physician.

    Osnate is originally manufactured by AGP. The official website of AGP has all the descriptions of this product. The link to the site is:

    In order to buy online, the official website of and are recommended. The link to the product is:


    There are also more websites selling it online at cheaper prices.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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