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    Scabion (Crotamiton and Sulphur) The ingredients used in Scabion are Crotamiton and Sulphur. Both these components are useful in the treatment of scabies and pyodermal infections. This composition is available in form of cream and lotion.



    Each 100gm of lotion of this medicine contains 10mg of crotamiton and 2mg of Sulphur in it.  A 60ml bottle contains this amount of dose in it.


    The lotion is effective in pruritus. Besides, it prevents itching on the skin which ultimately prevents irritation caused by scratching. It also reduces the risk of getting secondary infections.

    Shake the bottle of lotion thoroughly before using it. Also, it is for external use only. Prevent using the lotion on the face, bruises, and sensitive areas.

    Scabion back


    The medication should be rubbed into the affected area two to three times a day until itching ceases. Consult the doctor for a time, duration and further prescription for using this medication.


    In order to apply this medication take first bath with warm water and dry the skin thoroughly. Apply Scabion lotion by rubbing it at the affected area protecting the face and scalp.

    Apply until no trace is left on the skin. Take second warm water bath the next morning. It is preferred to apply the lotion in the evening. Consult a dermatologist or doctor for proper application.

    This medication is manufactured by Atco Laboratories.

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    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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