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    Serfol is a drug manufactured by Salbion Health Sciences in Lahore Pakistan.

    serfol tablets

    Composition of Serfol contains Iron Bisglycinate 100mg (Elemental Iron 20mg) and Folic Acid 400mcg.


    Serfol Ingredients Details:

    Iron Bisglycinate

    Efficacy of Iron Bisglycinate in Treatment of Iron Deficiency Anemia. Ferrous bisglycinate is an iron amino acid chelate.

    It is formed by reaction of ferrous iron with two molecules of the amino acid glycine by a covalent bound in a process called chelation.

    Ferrous bisglycinate is claimed to have better patient compliance because of fewer gastrointestinal tract side effects.

    It is also claimed that ferrous bisglycinate improves iron absorption, storage and increase hemoglobin level better than the conventionally used iron salts.

    Folic Acid

    Folate, distinct forms of which are known as folic acid, folacin, and vitamin B₉, is one of the B vitamins.

    It may be taken by mouth or by injection. The recommended adult daily intake of folate in the U.S. is 400 micrograms from foods or dietary supplements.

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