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Toujeo Insulin glargine

    Toujeo Insulin glargine

    Toujeo Insulin glargine

    Toujeo Insulin glargine 300units/ml solostar pen is the product of Sanofi.

    Insulin solution (Toujeo) for injection in a prefilled pen and it is used to treat type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It was stated in research that after 26 weeks of treatment diabetic level gets controlled.

    Toujeo is for subcutaneous use & for diabetic adults. It can be used for anyone above six years of age. 26 weeks of treatment is also helpful for children.

    This insulin pen or Soloster pen is a brand-name drug and contains insulin glargine which is a long-acting form.

    Tell your doctor about all your allergies and diseases like liver or kidney problems to avoid reactions with the dilution of Toujeo and other medical formulas.

    While taking insulin level of diabetes should be monitor daily. As it is used once a day or as advised, so monitoring can be helpful for further usage and planning.


    Each ml contains 300 units (10.91 mg) of insulin glargine.

    Each pen contains 1.5ml of solution, equivalent to 450 units.

    Excipients: Zinc, chloride, metacresol, glycerol, hydrochloride acid/sodium hydrochloride (for PH adjustment), water for injection.


    Toujeo Insulin glargine

    Read the package leaflet before use.

    Use the dose as prescribed by the physician or doctor.

    Always use a new needle for each injection.

    For single patient use only.

    Be very careful: Do not drive a car without permission from your healthcare provider.

    keep out of the sight & reach of children.

    Use only a clear & colorless solution.

    Before first use:

    Store in a refrigerator (2°C- 8°C).

    Do not freeze or place next to the freezer compartment or a freezer pack.

    Keep the pre-filled pen in the outer carton in order to protect it from light.

    After first use:

    The product may be stored for a maximum of 4 weeks below 30°C.

    Do not refrigerate.

    Put the pen cap back on the pen after each injection in order to protect from light.

    Side effects:

    Toujeo or all the insulins contains a common side effect which is low sugar. Other side effects are Allergic reactions, Sweating, Weight gain, Breathing problem, and Itching, etc.

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