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Tres-Orix Forte

    Tres-Orix Forte

    Tres-Orix Forte

    Tres-Orix Forte

    Tres-Orix Forte belongs to the category of anti-allergic medications. It is an appetite stimulator mainly used for balancing the nutrient level in a person.


    This syrup is available in 5ml, 100ml, 120ml, and 250ml. A 5ml syrup bottle is composed of 1.5mg of Cyproheptadine orotate, 150mg of Carnitine hydrochloride, 150mg of Lysine hydrochloride, 10mg of Vitamin B1, 10mg of Vitamin B5, 100mcg of Vitamin B12, and a suitable amount of excipients.


    For adults, a teaspoon of syrup is given in the morning and at night before sleeping.

    For children of age between 7 to 12 a teaspoon of this syrup is given before meal three times a day.

    For children of age between 2 to 6 a teaspoon is given two times a day before a meal.

    Consult the doctor for proper dosage.


    The syrup is used for the treatment of Anorexia in children and adults. Post-infection anorexia. Retardation in growth, habitual vomiting (except organic origin one). Emotional flux is accompanied by anorexic problems and constitutional thinness.


    Tres-Orix Forte back

    The syrup is not recommended for hypersensitive patients. Glaucoma.Predisposition to urine retention and for newborns.

    It may cause dizziness.

    This medication shouldn’t be used simultaneously with central nervous system depressants.

    Manufacturing and purchasing:

    Tres-Orix Forte is manufactured by Highnoon Laboratories.

    To buy online visit

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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