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    Ulsanic (Sucralfate) 500mg is manufactured by High-noon Laboratories limited.

    This medication is used to treat and prevent ulcers in the intestines.

    Package Contains:

    The package contains 20 tablets of Ulsanic (Sucralfate) 500mg.


    Each tablet contains Basic Aluminium Sucrose Sulfate (Sucralfate) U.S.P 500mg.

    This medication is used to treat ulcers in the intestines. Sucralfate forms a coating over ulcers, protecting the area from further injury. This helps ulcers heal more quickly.

    Sucralfate works mainly in the lining of the stomach and is not highly absorbed into the body. This medicine adheres to ulcer sites and protects them from acids, enzymes, and bile salts.Ulsanic back

    Side Effects: It can cause constipation, dry mouth, upset stomach, gas, and nausea may occur.

    Dosage: Take the medicine as directed by the physician. Take 1 tablet twice a day orally with or without food.


    • This medicine should be sold only on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner.
    • Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.
    • Store below 25°C in a dry place.
    • Protect from light.
    •  For detailed prescribing information refer to leaf insert inside.

    You can purchase Ulsanic online from the link below:

    Link to the Manufacturer:


    By: Mehwish Malik

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