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A Peculiar Dream

A Peculiar Dream

    A Peculiar Dream Occasionally, I am away from home. When away, I see beyond the previous walls that surround me: conventions, expectations, and my daily can of worms. From 5 billion kilometers away, I look at our world and it is just a pale blue dot. Jupiter looks like an orange and Earth looks like… Read More »A Peculiar Dream

    My lost self

    My lost self

      My lost self My lost self “You have penetrated my blood, when I sigh, it feels like there is blood dripping inside my heart and cuts in my body. Still, I keep thinking about you, I want to see how far you can stay in my head after seeing me wither away each day, I… Read More »My lost self

      Scarab Like

      Scarab Like

        Scarab Like Waking up to a Scarab Like insects 4 x 2 cm borrowed in and attached to both my legs. Remove my blanket to find Scarab Like things on both my Calf’s, in shock i try to pull them off and my fingers slip right over them as they a oval Shaped and stuck… Read More »Scarab Like

        Big snakes

        Big Snakes

          Why this dream had such big snakes in it seaming yesterday i had not thought of or seen anything of the sort 🙁 waking up several times in this dream, me and a group finding a country ranch to hide out in, not knowing on arrival that it was boobie trapped, once at the entrance… Read More »Big Snakes

          Daemon Monster

          Daemon monster

            Daemon or monster i don’t know if this was a daemon or a monster 🙁 elongated neck flies (large winged) up in trees, swoop down on its victims (humans) bite/ eating their neck one was among the humans in human form laughing and taunting one of the daemons/monsters, so when the daemon/monster bit him, he… Read More »Daemon monster



              2/7/2016 Its 2/7/2016 and I just woke up from this dream: Warning: scary, horror. Driving in a stolen sports car doing a massively wide turn at a roundabout in the wilderness, then hitting one of two police cars as we slide around and crash into a boulder and tumble through the grassy plains to crash into… Read More »2/7/2016



                Is it meant to be a future or alien weapon of some sort, or just a random figment of my imagination and where did it come from?



                  Parasite Parasite of the future. Walking through villages and jungles heard of stories of such a Parasite creature that may even have encountered them in the past. A young one asks ‘are such things real? To which I reply ‘yes of course, they whiz past at such a speed, vibrating at a frequency that if your… Read More »Parasite

                  Aivan Rostove

                  Aivan Rostove

                    Key name: Aivan Rostove Yes the name of the key is Aivan Rostove so the dream goes something like this: walking along a very rocky earth, stumbling upon large cracks in the earth notice giant boulders in the earth trying to escape upwards but being held down by the rocky earth in the massive crack. curious! compadre… Read More »Aivan Rostove

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                      Dreams are a strange phenomena It is strange that dreams are still not understood to the full complexity of its levels.