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    Parasite of the future.

    Walking through villages and jungles heard of stories of such a Parasite creature that may even have encountered them in the past.

    A young one asks ‘are such things real?

    To which I reply ‘yes of course, they whiz past at such a speed, vibrating at a frequency that if your in their way, you won’t even feel em zip right through your flesh. It’s like a hot knife through butter in Your skin and flesh just opens in front of it and it passes through it so fast sometimes by the time it realized it’s in something large it’s usually past all the way through you but sometimes when it’s not. It will get confused or feel comfortable and sit inside your body for a couple of seconds before shooting out in a random direction could go straight up and out your skull through your brain so, in times like those you gotta be real quick yourself, run a little honey on your skin on your arm and place that on your  belly as that will attract it if your lucky in that direction and it will slow down and sneak out the skin there so it reach the skin on your hand and lick the bunny so that’s when you have to be super fast and place a glass on top of it and slide something else under it so it’s trapped.

    Only one way to kill it if I remember correctly.parasite

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