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Godaddy Hacked

GoDaddy Hacked

    GoDaddy Hacked GoDaddy Hacked On the 24th of June 2022, my GoDaddy hosting account was hacked even tho I have a Two-factor Authentication active, this leads me to think it was an inside job, perhaps one of the customer support representatives I have given access to on multiple occasions to get assistance with my account,… Read More »GoDaddy Hacked

    Mega Cloud Storage

    Mega Cloud Storage

      Mega or or is a cloud storage and file hosting service offered by Mega Limited, a company based in Auckland, New Zealand.  They give you 50 Gigs of free storage, its fast and reliable. I’m getting 1.6Mb speeds in upload that’s better than, and they claim to be the fastest. Thats realy saying something.… Read More »Mega Cloud Storage



        Cloudflare is a great platform for Content creators and Publishers.
        For your average joe like me, its the Free 15 year SSL, Website Cashing, Threat and Spam protection.

        paypal buys

        GoDaddy and PayPal in Domain Theft

          This Domain Theft was unfairly & unlawfully stolen from my GoDaddy Account, to which PayPal has lied and deceived the court to gain access to.

   is an Israel company, Israel companies make 200 Billion dollars a year for Israel. is one to tricking people by giving free sample websites to people and then tell them if they want the features, they have to pay outrages fees!

            SSL Integration

              SSL Integration Integration of SSL into GoDaddy hosting for a website. First of all purchase an SSL I recommend the cheapest as you just don’t want google scaring of your viewers with their warnings up top. After purchase, you will go to your order on purchase website and select Generate Cert Now. Then you will start the order… Read More »SSL Integration

              SSL Cheap

                Cheap Affordable SSL is where I go to get SSL for my websites, they offer the cheapest guarantee and at the end of the day we just don’t want google ruining our experience with owning and running a webpage/ Blog because they decide to change the rules and deem every site without SSL as being some… Read More »SSL Cheap

                Email MX Records

                Email MX Records

                  Email MX Records There are a variety of factors that affect sending and receiving email. MX records are among them. You need to have the correct Email MX Records to get your email. changing over emails from c panel account to workspace emails When changing over emails from c panel account to work space emails,… Read More »Email MX Records