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GoDaddy and other Hosting Providers tricks of the trade


    Tricks of the Trade for hosting Providers like GoDaddy etc

    Godaddy and other hosting providers advertise their plans like it’s so cheap and they give you all this extra stuff.

    1. beware the Price!
    2. beware the file limit!Scam Image
    3. beware the Upgrade!

    be careful not care less, you see first and foremost is the entry prices to attract new comers but when you have to renew weather it’s a year or two later your domain name or hosting, you will have to pay full price and usually, that’s double if not more in price.


    A lot of hosting providers will give you unlimited disk space but when you start building websites you realize they limit you by files, most let you have about 100.000 files which will cover about 2 medium-size websites or many just one page or basic websites.

    so 2- WordPress sites

    or 1- e-commerce / Opencart website (4000 products) so depending on products


    when you get the high-end hosting plans and you have a website of websites and you use such minimal resources you have no problems.

    when you then downgrade because you don’t plan on utilizing such heavy applications in order to use the resources that you pay for.

    they wait till after you have set up a website or two / moved over your sites and somehow  (i know enough to know they have several ways) they spike up either your CPU or RAM for short times in order to get your sites to not load up and in turn this will worry you.

    First, you will see some extra writing in your C-panel that says Upgrade because you need more resources, of-course this will worry you a lot if you are a novice and you will click the upgrade straight away. When you inquire as you will, they will say this is d

    if this is not your first time experiencing this then when you inquire as you will, they will say this is a 503 service error and your resources are spiking, you should upgrade to more RAM etc.

    one you start talking about how this had no problems till now and I’ve had the account for a while now, so why now?

    they will say everything looks fine from our end, it must be your website.

    then they will continue to say it looks like you haven’t updated all your websites, you need to keep the software up to date.

    it does not quite make sense to you that if these issues can be the cause seaming if it was then this would have happened in a more timely manner.

    so as you discuss this with them, they will tell you that it looks like you have a lot of malware on your website/s files you should purchase our security scan and that will help you in the future.

    they have now convinced you once again that the problem is most likely on your end and therefore your fault, you now feel alone and worried.

    After watching a tv show to relax before you look through the files and trouble shoot, you try loading the site/sites and the load up fine.

    you check your CPU and ram etc usage and it’s all in order. 🙂

    I hope you learn something from my experience even if it’s to upgrade your account and resources 😉


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