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Apple Software

Apple Software

    Apple Software Apple Software I keep surfing the internet and love downloading and testing various software. Recently I downloaded some Apple, Inc. software which they made for Windows users. As I preceded their installation, the installation process was different from other apps which Microsoft developers or other local developers build. The installation setup was simple,… Read More »Apple Software

    Pi Coin

    Pi Coin

      Pi Coin – The First Digital Currency You Can Mine On Your Phone.
      Start earning cryptocurrency today with Their free, energy-light mobile app. #picoin


      Transfer Wise

        TransferWise now just Wise – International Transactions Instantaneously – Zero Bank Fee @ only $1 Wise fee


        Signal App

          Download and use the Signal app instead of WhatsApp as You can message, call and video call on signal for free also. Its safer and private!



            Datafrog Controllers Drivers etc.

            DataFrog official Website:

            Data Frog Drivers Page:

            Avalon nano

            Avalon Nano

              Avalon Nano from The Avalon Nano is an addition to the line of stick miners. It is advertised as “Avalon Nano” and is a USB miner containing one A3233 core. First download the software and drivers/Quick Start from EHash: BFGMiner Code: bfgminer -S ICA:\\.\COM5  -S ICA:\\.\COM6 -o stratum+tcp:// -u username -p 1

              GTA image issue

              GTA Picture Issue

                GTA 5 Visual issue scrambled picture GTA V is my Favourite game probably the only game i play and now this Bloody issue, very bad picture. I have not yet found the solution. will update this post when i do.                   SOLVED: So after restoring my MSI… Read More »GTA Picture Issue

                Ralink wireless Driver

                Ralink wireless USB Driver

                  Ralink wireless lan usb driver windows 7 I bought the ralink usb wireless lan from a chinese website, which came with a mini disk cd, and that had the drivers but i have lost it so… Now i have found it. one link to driver is Or if that does not work then here is the… Read More »Ralink wireless USB Driver