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    Apple Software

    Apple Software

    Apple Software

    I keep surfing the internet and love downloading and testing various software. Recently I downloaded some Apple, Inc. software which they made for Windows users.

    As I preceded their installation, the installation process was different from other apps which Microsoft developers or other local developers build.

    The installation setup was simple, basic, and looked pretty. The application (Quicktime Player) was efficient enough to run videos in high quality and with great colors.

    The interface of the application was outstanding, almost all of their (Apple’s) applications made for Windows users is simple yet powerful.

    I noticed that Apple’s applications for Windows get updated quite frequently. It’s because they are concerned about the security of their application user, no matter if they are using them on Windows or not.

    Their applications for Windows users are Quicktime Player, iCloud, and iTunes and each of them is a masterpiece.

    Either Apple’s developers are great at making applications for windows or they only hire high-quality windows developers for their applications.

    By: Usama Shaikh

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