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Transfer Wise

    Transfer Wise

    TransferWise Now Just Called Wise


    Wise (TransferWise) is a London-based financial technology company founded in January 2011 by Estonians Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus. The company rebranded to Wise in February 2021, to reflect its expanded product offering beyond international money transfer.

    In my experience, Transactions in Lightning speed!

    International Transactions in Instantaneously.

    Never have i ever seen anything like it.

    Each time i use an ATM to withdraw funds while I’m overseas, i pay a $10 international transaction fee at my Bank and then a further $5 fee for each transaction at the ATM Overseas.

    Not to mention the ATM’s Currency Conversion Fee’s.

    Now i haven’t checked the currency conversion rate difference for wise and my bank but look at the savings below.

    Transfer funds from Overseas Banks to Easypaisa account in seconds Through Wise.

    At my bank i now pay Zero “0” in International Transfer Fee’s.

    Wise Fee is just $1.

    Easypaisa Fee is Zero.

    Easypaisa Cash out Fee:

    Find Easypaisa IBAN number in the Phone App.

    Select My Account from the bottom right corner.

    Click Account Information – first on the list

    Copy IBAN number shown – first on the list


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