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Signal App


    Signal App, a replacement to What’s app.

    A lot of things happened in the year 2020 and things keep moving fast still in the beginnings of 2021, Facebook has said it will integrate what’s app with Facebook and people are worried.

    As one of the largest messages, call, and Video Call apps on Android and IOS platforms, 10’s millions users are indeed worried about their privacy, in a world where privacy is an individual right, it certainly is a major issue for portable communication users today.

    We have had issues with privacy for a long time on Facebook, we know they do keep our communications and share them with government authorities and profiles do also keep getting hacked or stolen.

    Today’s superhero of all the space and technology enthusiasts Elon Must has also announced he does not use Facebook, nor will he use Whats app but encourages the people for their right to privacy and promotes a new app called Signal.

    Signal prides its self in privacy, security and ease of access.

    Signal has all the functionality of whats app and has the added advantage of worry free use.

    you can use Signal to message, call & video call.

    Download and use the Signal app instead of WhatsApp as Facebook is integrating what’s app with Facebook, which means all your private messages will no longer be private. Elon Musk also recommends Signal for privacy. You can message, call and video call on signal for free also.

    What’s App replacement! for your privacy and security. Signal. #signal #WhatsApp #private #mesenger #free #calls #videocalls

    As long as its private, secure and running well. Its my Choice.

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