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Are you unhappy with GoDaddy hosting?

    Are you unhappy with GoDaddy hosting?

    Are you unhappy with GoDaddy hosting?

    Are you unhappy with GoDaddy hosting? – This is my experience.

    I saw Godaddy advertising for hosting and was sucked in 10 years ago.

    I figured this must be an Australian company so they must be good and true to their word, with great support and no downtime.

    Turned out Godaddy was American and every year their services got worse and worse.

    They would throttle by services like CPU, RAM, etc.

    My i.o would hit the roof for no reason several times a day.

    All this when I had only 100 visitors, and their support would blame it on me or my website.

    When I upgraded plans, then I would get hacked often.

    Every time I contacted support either online or on the phone, their Indian support would ask for login details and I would be hacked immediately the day after.

    There would be strange files in my website including text files saying you have been hacked by: etc. and my website would be redirected to some other domain or HTML files placed in my subdomain folder.

    Godaddy servers would go down or get updated often leaving my websites down.

    Then they changed their plans and forced everyone off the old plans promising faster websites, which was a lie.

    every year they would give me problems and then push me to upgrade, eventually I was on their most expensive plan the Web Hosting Ultimate.

    still had all the same issues and when I asked for support, they would try to sell me something else.

    I searched online and noticed most I.T. professionals complained about Godaddy and claimed they were only good for buying domains and the hosting was the worst.

    I searched for the best hosting providers and noticed Hostinger kept coming in the top 5 and mostly in the top 3 for beginners or ease of operating.

    Since my Web Hosting Ultimate with Godaddy was expiring in a month, I went for it.

    With Hostinger you can get double the performance and services compared to Godaddy prices. Are you unhappy with GoDaddy hosting?

    Seaming you get 50% off your first purchase at Hostinger, I went for the Cloud Startup hosting plan for 4 years and paid only $501.

    $500 is the Web Hosting Maximum at Godaddy but you get double the resources for that price at hostinger & a very reliable robust and easy-to-use hosting platform.

    Hostinger has a seamless importing of websites and the functions are so easy to use, that I imported all 7 of my websites in the hour.

    It’s been a month now and every single website is running smoothly and very fast with thousands of visitors, WordPress and plugin updates finish in a flash of a second, I’ve never seen this in my life, as I was used to Godaddy’s speeds which took a minute or two even after their update to SSD’s and on Web Hosting Maximum.

    As you know updates in WordPress mean website downtime.

    So yes I do recommend Hostinger, take my advice and move now, Click here:


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