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    Our history is full of events that lead to wars and the consequences that followed. War simply arises with the conflict of interest that can be political, economic, social, or even personal at times as history shows how rulers have fought the wars for their personal gains putting aside the common interest of their people.

    As the technology progressed the tactics as well as weapons used for wars also advanced.

    First-generation warfare refers to the time when wars were fought and won on the basis of manpower and formation tactics.

    Second-generation warfare refers to early modern strategies used after the development of bulldozers leading up to machine guns.

    Third-generation warfare includes the latest technology to surpass the barriers hence destroying the opposing force.

    Fourth-generation war includes non-state actors which challenge the writ of the state. Some say that terrorism is also included in the fourth-generation war.

    All these four generations of warfare included strains on the economy and massive use of manpower leaving the countries in chaos and difficult consequences. These generations of warfare would destroy the economy and infrastructure of the countries.

    Fifth-generation warfare, however, is different from all the previous generations of warfare as it uses the power of technology. Fifth-generation warfare can also be called the cold war.

    Here the massive use of manpower and weapons reduce to almost zero. This war is fought on social media via propaganda and even cyber-attacks.

    Countries who are against each other use fake accounts websites and social media platforms to spread false news or sometimes exaggerate the small misconduct of their enemy to an extent that destroys the enemy’s reputation around the world.

    5th generation warfare

    This is also about destroying the country from within by picking up on the weaknesses of a country and exaggerating them hence creating havoc plus saving artillery


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