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    Considering child marriage in Pakistan is quite challenging mostly because of its associations with culture, tradition, and above all religion.

    Social norms are hardly established in mass communities which affect the decision-making of parents and especially girls or early age.

    A cause for this can be the lack of education in most areas throughout the world, marriage is considered as a time of celebration and a momentous occasion for adults.


    For this very responsible decision, relying on young minds can cause devastating effects later.

    Imposing the burden of marriage upon an innocent child means that their childhood is cut short and their due rights are highly compromised.

    In Pakistan, the decision of a girl is not considered as much and hence the most important decision of her life is handed over to the adults.

    Keeping in view the monetary condition of the spouse-to-be, the marriage is placed. No laws are kept under consideration in this regard and the quantity of dowry is much preferred.

    Even the religion is misrepresented to give weight to a wrong stance. Although implementing all the above-mentioned stances might be difficult since the population of Pakistan is growing tremendously.

    But implementation from a small area to large chunks and then to province and hence the whole country might be possible.

    Religion might not be misused to prove the stance. Appropriate evidence must be considered before taking any stroke.

    Media has the power to reach the globe, then how come it may be difficult for media to reach the backward areas.

    Briefly, no advantage can be seen in child marriage, Property and dowry must not be the only condition for marriage.

    Only laws and enforcement can make people stop this violence. Frolicking with the precious future of young minds must be punished.

    Advancement of education and knowledge should be extended regardless of the area. More knowledge will make it easier to make important decisions in life.

    The costly education makes it harder for everyone to afford it and hence the population stays in the dark.

    Less education makes people less aware of religious aspects too.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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