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    If a company as large and powerful as Coca-Cola can start using other environmentally friendly materials like silicon etc for their bottles would and can inspire the world to change also, especially when 60% of plastic bottles polluting the world are from coca-cola. Coca-Cola

    You and I can urge coca cola to make the change, to be the change, and to help in the battle for a cleaner, greener future for not only this planet but also for the kids.
    The kids are our future and only we can be responsible for their well-being.
    Please help support this campaign to help yourself and your future.

    Every life is precious, including all forms of animals and wildlife.
    We have polluted this world enough and it’s time for a change, we now have the means and the technology to do everything we do in a much cleaner way.

    I urge you all to start a petition/campaign like this yourself, if more of us want a change then the change will take place.
    I thank you for reading this and so do my children.


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