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Culture as Constraint or Freedom

    Culture as constraint or freedom

    Culture as Constraint or Freedom

    Culture is a set of rules and customs that a group of people defines while living in a certain territory. These rules can be norms, disciplines, myths, believes, or simply traditions.

    Methods in Society:

    The disciplines of a society define the behavior of every individual living in a certain society. The strong societies possess strong social norms that are constricting and hence no unconventionality is tolerated.

    These societies restrict freedom and in the end, liberalism is disappeared. This act can be encompassed in culture as a constraint, but in most matters, people living with such social norms can get used to it.

    Culture provides Privileges:

    We all have been through situations where our opinion and decision need approval from the elders of the home.

    However, in some parts of the world, adults take independent decisions. This social rule has its own flaws and ascendancy.

    Boundaries for future directions:

    A group of people living in a territory learn and seek from each other. Both bad and good conduct can be learned from the people around.

    As a constraint, the learning can be restricted too. For instance, there are certain jobs that are not considered appropriate for girls and others for boys either due to religion or social acceptance.

    Conditional Norms:

    There exist certain norms containing no evidence and or a sturdy reason for them to be present. These norms are heard from elders and transmitted further without any clarification.

    Freedom as Events:

    There exist certain events, days, festivals that bring loved ones close to each other. These events are celebrated according to culture. Rural and urban may vary. Religious perspectives are also taken into consideration. Urs and Eid are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

    Motivation for happiness:

    Besides all the rules of the society, the cultural customs provide happiness too. The achievements vary from society to society.

    For most rural cultures, less qualification is not considered undesirable. Moreover, some acts are considered as of great valor and bravery.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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