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Inhuman acts of humans

    Inhuman acts of humans

    Inhuman acts of humans

    Inhuman acts of humans, Just came through a heart-wrenching incident that took place outside. Where the cruelty of humanity and justice could be seen very clearly. Truly, I was taken aback to see two parties contracting for an animal to fulfill the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim and to sacrifice that animal on the blessed day of Eid UL Adha.

    It is hard not to crack, to believe that in the midst of a contract, both the parties got into a quarrel no matter on what issue and so one of the parties threw acid on the animal of the other party. I won’t believe in any way that this is a human act at all.

    Humanity is above and beyond. It teaches us to live peacefully with love, brotherhood, and harmony. Even it is mentioned in the book of Allah that suggests keeping patience because Allah is with those who expect justice from him.

    Apart, the love and value of humanity are also proved from the teachings of Prophet PBUH. The prophet of Allah taught us to behave gently toward our elders, show affection to our children, and love our teachers and parents. In fact, this is the real meaning of humanity.

    Inhuman acts of humans

    But unfortunately, non of the above-mentioned qualities are found in our society these days. On very tiny issues we get in fights with others, we abuse them, threaten them of grave consequences and try our best to cause them harm come what may.

    But this is not what our religion teaches us. Islam requires us to value humanity and live with peace and brotherhood. We do not only have to behave nicely to humans but also to animals. Undoubtedly, Allah’s every creature deserves respect, care, love, and affection.

    By: Tariq Ali Shah

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    1. I liked that the way you have connected this topic in view of Islamic education, tolerance in today’s Muslim is over.
      Keep it up Syed Tariq AliπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    2. Ghulam Ali (Shoaib Ali Dashti)

      At the first, I knew that you might have written it, but after the completion of reading, saw your name written down. My boy congratulations, keep it up.

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