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Israel vs Palestine

    Israel vs Palestine

    israel vs palestine

    The land and people Lost to time.


    Land was given to them by God.

    Moses lead them there.

    Even after seeing the miracles, they worshiped an idol.

    They lived in peace for a time with Christians and Muslims.

    Then they started buying up land in another county.

    They then started war and civil unrest in that country.

    They then managed to infiltrate the most powerful nations of the world called the UN to help them divide that country and gain half of that countries land.

    Still not satisfied they had more War to gain more land and filled up their prisons with the natives.

    On a regular basis, they intimidate, harass, assault, kidnap and imprison these natives, they then steal their land.

    After almost fully taking over the country from within, they manage to infiltrate the superpower of the world called the USA and get them to approve it.

    They then create Laws inside the all-powerful USA, that if anyone in the USA says anything bad or negative about them, that individual will lose their job.

    So today Israel controls the world in this manner and no one is talking about it.

    Pretty clever or should i say Pretty Devil?



    The land and people Lost to time



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