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Legacy of Books

    Legacy of Books

    Legacy of Books

    Legacy of Books

    Legacy of Books

    It’s strange that we’ve much relish to adopt the ‘in vogue’ accessories than to modify the conventional words of our books. That’s why, in the vacancy of it, most students are reluctant to open the book and rapt the stuff written a century ago.

    The authorities pay heed to bring in fashion, new games, shows, and gadgets but not a new syllabus. It is not that we have a lack of good writings and words to add in books. It is only the slovenly attitude of authorities. Every student has a different aptitude from the other.

    Most students don’t get what they want to know about in this conventional syllabus. This orthodox syllabus is impairing creativity in young minds. Their skills are engulfing, their interests are agitating and their abilities are disparaging.

    The students are doomed to learn the pages not to understand them or use the concept out of the fantasy world. Another issue is that Urdu literature is something out of vogue.

    The amorous poetry, backward stories, and poor people’s lives; something which has nothing to do with modern concepts. There are many new writings in Urdu literature worth adding to the syllabus.

    It seems a great blessing to students to get rid of Urdu in higher classes. Unless the scope falls with Urdu literature. Though it’s our national language. It can’t efface and neither it should be. It’s our identity. A stern way of communication.

    It should be important that the syllabus may contain the writings of professional and well-known writers and poets. The information should be just and real ‘information. We’re living in a period where young kids know more about everything than adults. No matter it’s about technology or ethics.

    Gratitude to the authorities who brought in something to the young generation and now the education system of Pakistan is considered pretty ‘real’ education.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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