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My New Sodium Ion Battery

    My New Sodium Ion Battery

    My New Sodium Ion Battery

    I heard about this new battery technology a few months ago on YouTube, the benefits they were associating with this sodium ion chemistry seemed unreal, so I searched some more and all I could find were promotional videos, no one actually had one in hand to show and test in front of us.My New Sodium Ion Battery

    I found links from Google leading to Alibaba, so I thought let’s give it a try, about 50 days later here they are.

    I will test them soon and make updates to this article but for now, here is my experience so far.

    I ended up on this page:

    I dealt with a fella named: Xiankun Yang

    So I purchased from this company: Shenzhen Hezongheng New Energy Co., Ltd.

    My order was placed on: 2023-10-28

    I received my order today on 2023-12-19 so it took 52 days

    My shipping was also arranged through the seller and he found me road shipping which was much lower in price than Sea and much much lower than Air shipping.

    The shipping price came to USD 69.50 75Ah Sodium Ion Battery 1

    The price per cell came to USD 29.38

    The total I paid was: USD 117.52

    But keep in mind this total also has the price for 12v 40ah Sodium ion BMS included and fits into the shipping or unit price because he had to get that separately for me, it was not a part of his store. he had taken his time out to go get this for me to send it with the battery.

    So here are pictures of My New Sodium-Ion Battery:

    4 pcs of 72Ah Sodium-ion cells.

    These are known as Prismatic cells. 75Ah Sodium Ion Battery Barcode

    Chemistry: na-ion = which uses sodium ions as its charge carriers. In some cases, its working principle and cell construction are similar to those of lithium-ion battery types, but it replaces lithium with sodium as the cathode material.

    Thank you, Xiankun Yang & Alibaba for a good experience.


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