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Ramadan 2022 for Muslims

    Ramadan 2022 for Muslims

    Ramadan 2022 for Muslims

    Ramadan 2022 for Muslims has begun in April for 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide. It is the sacred month in the Islamic calendar. The main purpose of Ramadan is discipline and dedication. It practices Muslim how to avoid impure thoughts and deeds.

    In simple terms, Ramadan is an Islamic month during which Muslims fast- abstain from food and drinks (even water). They also quit from other things perceived as vices – from sunrise to sunset for 30 days.

    The name Ramadan originates from the Arabic word Ramad, which means burning or being very hot. Imam Muhammad said,

    “Ramadan is, however, considered a month of fasting to clarify our souls and character and get ourselves according to God’s will.”

    During this month, God revealed the holy Quran to the Prophet Muhammad. And fasting reminds us of the plight of those who do not have enough food or water to eat.

    How long does Ramadan last?

    There is no fixed date for starting and ending this month, as it depends upon the appearance of the crescent moon. However, the Holy month of Ramadan 2022 began on the evening of April 2 and will end on May 2, 2022.

    Ramadan begins 10 to 12 days earlier every year since the Muslim calendar is shorter than the modern-day Gregorian calendar. 

    Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan? 

    Muslims believe that fasting builds their relationship with God, as it makes up one of the five pillars of Islam. Not drinking and eating anything from dawn to dusk, increasing prayer, charity, and generosity are practices this month.

    Further, self-straining from immoral behaviors, unkind thoughts, and bad deeds are also honored. Muslims believe that engaging in this kind of activity is as destructive as eating and drinking.

    Are there any holidays during Ramadan?

    It is easy to think of Ramadan as a holiday, but it’s wrong. Muslims during this month continue their work, children go to school, and everyone carries on with their everyday life.

    Ramadan 2022 for Muslims is so special because people will resume their nightly gatherings after 2 years of pandemics. Ramadan month ends with Eid-al-Fitr – a three-day eating and drinking festival.

    In fact, it is a reward from God in the form of Eid. People exchange gifts and enjoy a special meal with their family and friends during this occasion.

    By: Tayyaba Zareen

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