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Vocational Training in Pakistan

    Vocational Training in Pakistan

    Vocational Training in Pakistan

    Pakistan Needs more Vocational Training Centers for Financial Independence

    Vocational Training in Pakistan

    National Human Development Report revealed that 64% of Pakistan’s population is less than 30 years that makes it the youngest population in Asia.

    Pakistan’s youth unemployment annual increase is estimated at 1.5 million. There are 3,798 TVET institutes operating in Pakistan only.

    These institutions have a limited capacity as they can accommodate half a million trainees only.

    Youth generally prefer to get higher education to technical and vocational training due to the outdated curricula.

    Participation of Women is restricted, Government funding for TVET training is very low and there is a major shortage of good trainers.

    Sophisticated and specialized skills are required for most employments these days, but there is a dearth of communication observed between technical and vocational education training institutes (TVET).

    Private organizations and government departments prefer to give jobs to individuals with higher education to TVET diplomats.

    “Government should establish at least one technical and vocational educational university in each province”.

    Government adopts some measures to accelerate the performance of TVET in Pakistan. The provincial and federal governments should raise funds for TVET institutions.

    There should be enacted proper legislation to enable small, medium, and large industries to be involved in the development of technical skills and education.

    TVET program is very important for the financial independence and economic sustainability of Pakistan.

    It will provide individuals with technical skills and they will be able to earn a livelihood through micro-enterprise and income generation.

    Economic empowerment opportunities will be created for the communities.

    By: Syeda Uzma Khatoon

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