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    influence of snack video


    influence of snack video

    There is this new video-making app launched recently, based on the format of TikTok this application is growing very rapidly. People are making their accounts and encouraging others to create them too.

    The real charm in this is that the application is paying you to be a viewer or creator of it. After you sign up, the system asks you what will be the purpose of your account. Are you a viewer? Or do you want to create videos?

    If the answer is viewing, they will ask you to share the link with your friends and family and motivate them to create an account, only if others create an account through your link, you will be paid for it. Then there is scoring also, your watching time is also credited.

    If you want to create videos, your account will be registered as a creator account and after you finish the 14-days trial you will be monetized for every view and follower.

    This application has been downloaded almost 100M times from the app store and has a rating of 4.5. Its user friendly and helps the customer earn just by simply using the app.

    Although this app is monetized and the monetization process is much easier than YouTube or other platforms it has a lot of drawbacks, first and foremost it makes the user addicted, with the sole purpose of earning.

    This makes the user watch it for long periods of time. Kids are aimlessly using it without any parental guidance, adults are managing this application along with their work which is affecting everything. The content creators are making small videos all the time, and literally using all their time to do so.

    The use of unnecessary social media is degrading us, making us lazy. But we can’t ignore the fact that these apps are the future of our digital world.

    By: Resham Kashif

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