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Kyrie Irving ineligibility due to vaccination

    Kyrie Irving ineligibility due to vaccination

    Kyrie Irving ineligibility due to vaccination

    The great player of the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Andrew Irving is an American professional basketball player who played 10 seasons for the Cavaliers, Nets, and Celtics with averaged 22.8 points, 5.7 assists, and 3.8 rebounds in 582 regular-season games.

    Kyrie has become a topic of controversy since the COVID era has begun. People are asking why the player is hiding his vaccination news. 

    Kyrie Andrew Irving as a Point Guard:

    Kyrie is more than capable of positioning his teammates and dispersing the ball.

    He can draw a double team and kick it out for a corner three with his handles (which are among the finest in the league).

    The truth is, his preferred play-style is to score first, which he excels at. He’s also the best offensive point guard in the league, capable of attacking the basket from any position.

    Kyrie Irving ineligibility due to vaccination

    Is Kyrie Irving Covid Vaccinated?

    We all know that with this covid-19 situation, vaccination is mandatory for almost everything.

    The league is ordering everybody working in those facilities to be vaccinated due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. But recently Kyrie Irving’s vaccination status has been quite hyped.

    On the other hand, Kyrie Andrew has no plans on getting vaccinated but it is something that is affecting his career lately.

    Brooklyn Nets bans Kyrie Irving:

    As of Tuesday night, Kyrie Irving’s opinion on getting vaccinated against COVID-19 had not changed due to which his team Brooklyn Nets has banned him from playing anymore.

    Although the team is prohibited by law from disclosing a player’s vaccination status, Irving has been designated as “ineligible to play” in a preseason game against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Thursday.

    The teams manager Mark said “We have determined Kyrie Irving will not play or practice with the club until he is eligible to be a full participant”.

    Adding to that the player had made “a personal choice” and that “we respect his right to choose.” Apart from that, Irving will not join the squad or travel with it until he has been vaccinated.

    From the complete scenario, it can be clearly understood that the team is pressuring Kyrie to get his vaccination as soon as possible but let’s see whether it would be enough to shake him or would he still go with not getting vaccinated at any cost.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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