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Laine hardy arrested

    Laine hardy arrested

    Laine hardy arrested

    Laine Hardy was arrested for secretly recording his ex-girlfriend (Lane Reed). Lane Reed is a writer and a musician.

    Laine Hardy, also known as Hardy was arrested and imprisoned by Louisiana State University Police today for surreptitiously taping his ex-girlfriend. She is an LSU student, according to Deadline.

    Hardy is most known for winning the 17th season of American Idol. He does not attend the institution.

    Hardy’s ex-girlfriend phoned the Police on April 7 after discovering a recording device in her dorm room.

    It was at the university, according to NBC News. The officers obtained a copy of the arrest warrant.

    According to the publication, the woman revealed that she learned the gadget was a VR-500 Voice Activated Recorder after Googleing it.

    As per the victim, her ex-boyfriend Laine Hardy was the one who placed the record there.

    According to the warrant, Hardy’s ex-girlfriend said to police she discovered the recording device. However, the device looked like a phone charger, beneath her couch.

    Laine hardy arrested


    Laine Hardy had previously been in a relationship with the lady, she said. According to the request, police discovered evidence of secret recordings made over ten days in February.

    Then, on a Facebook post, Hardy stated that he received a warrant due to the claims against him and that he is collaborating with LSU police.

    Laine Hardy said that his whole career is ruined due to this accusation. He admits his crime and nows that this will affect his fan base

    However, given the sensitivity of this claim, Hardy respectfully requests privacy at this time.

    Further, he stated that he has the highest regard for the law and will continue to assist them in their inquiry as needed. Hardy’s fans have been dissatisfied with everything he has done.

    Further investigation and the hardy bale are unknown at this time.

    He risks alienating a large number of fans and jeopardizing his music career. However, the situation is unclear, and both parties must make sound decisions.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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