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Lauren Handy With 5 Fetuses

    Lauren Handy With 5 Fetuses

    Lauren Handy With 5 Fetuses

    Lauren Handy With 5 Fetuses exposure came to media recently. This lady is a 28-year-old woman and an anti-abortion activist.

    She is the leader of the Progressive Anti-abortion (PAAU) group. Furthermore, On Wednesday, March 30, police found five fetuses in a Capitol Hill home of Lauren.

    It is why she is famous as Lauren handy with 5 fetuses.

    The police raided the house after getting a tip that they kept bio-hazard material inside.

    Secondly, A news channel said that the homicide and forensic services detectives carried the proof in red biohazard bags and coolers from the basement.

    The item hidden in the bag is still a mystery. When asked, Lauren refused to answer by saying that the proof inside the bags would shock the public.

    The chief of police said that there was nothing wrong with the abortion, as it was under D.C. law, except for how the fetuses got into that house.

    It has come to light that Lauren has a list of lawful matters related to anti-abortion actions.

    The reason behind the arrest of Lauren

    On October 22, 2020, Lauren approached a reproductive health clinic. This lady was pretending to be someone else and barged in with eight co-defendants when an employee opened the door.

    Lauren Handy With 5 Fetuses

    During this process, an employee was hurt. The defendants carried chairs and tied them with ropes to block the entrance.

    Apart from this, the situation was also live and one of the co-defenders even streamed it.

    The allegations contained a violation of the FACE Act, a 1994 law that forbids the use of force to stop a person from getting reproductive health services. Also bans damage to property at reproductive and abortion centers.

    If proved guilty, Lauren and the co-defendants would face up to 11 years in prison. This includes three years of probation and a heavy fine due to the 5 fetuses in her house.

    The progressive anti-abortion organization will hold a conference to address where the fetuses came from. Further claiming that there are more than five fetuses.

    The police have not confirmed anything regarding this. Lauren is to appear in federal court on Monday at 11 a.m.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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