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Mike Tyson plane video

    Mike Tyson plane video

    Mike Tyson plane video

    Mike Tyson plane video recently went viral over the internet and shocked his fans. The footage of the event itself was obtained on camera by TMZ.

    During a United Airlines flight, Mike Tyson was thrown a water bottle by an aggressive passenger.

    Then a physical fight broke out with punches between Tyson and Melvin Townsend in the Mike Tyson plane video.

    The footage of Mike’s blows lasts around 10 seconds. And includes audio of someone yelling hey, Mike Mike.

    Matt Morgan is the lawyer for Melvin Townsend. He said his client is a big fan of Mike Tyson. He became overly excited after seeing him.

    Mr. Tyson grew angered by an excessively enthusiastic fan at one point. He began to attack him, as shown in Mike Tyson’s plane video.

    Morgan said that Mr. Tyson was one of the best fighters. He should’ve just known better than using his hands on such a large group of people.

    According to the Francisco police department, officers responded to this physical incident onboard the airplane.

    The police department stated that it was aware of Mike Tyson’s plan video that might have caught the confrontation.

    Later, the Detective Javier of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office told CNN that his office would handle the inquiry.

    CNN has reached out to JetBlue Airways for comment, but they have yet to respond.


    According to the event’s website and a video released online, Tyson was in San Francisco for promotion.

    It was the 420 Hippie Hill event in Golden Gate Park. US Federal Aviation Administration claimed that it did not have a complaint about the disruptive passenger incident on a JetBlue flight.

    The agency stated that the FAA investigates all airline allegations of passenger disruption.

    For more information, the FAA pointed CNN to local law enforcement.

    After a spike in rowdy passenger occurrences in 2020, the agency implemented a zero-tolerance policy in 2021.

    The FAA said that its zero-tolerance policy for unruly passengers would be permanent.

    However, the Justice Department has appealed that judgment. The incident on board a JetBlue flight did not appear to involve masks. Which are not officially required.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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