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Pieces of Her

    Pieces of Her

    Pieces of Her

    Pieces of Her is a Netflix series. This series was premiered on 4th March 2022 on Netflix. 

    The series assembles another one of Netflix’s small-brained thrillers. One key figure and one villain have been added.

    However, the essence of the novel remains intact, as Slaughter noted a few days before the series began on Friday.

    That was a significant relief for the author, whose anxiety over the play could only be relieved by hours on her treadmill.

    Pieces of Her is a novel that is based on Karin Slaughter’s 2018 novel of the same name and follows Laura and Andrea, a mother-daughter combo. She only has portions of her mother’s genuine identity, or pieces, if you will.

    After then, the novel breaks between two views. Andy’s perspective dominates the present-day plot as she progressively learns her mother’s tragic past.

    The flashbacks are portrayed from the perspective of a younger Laura, who is striving to meet her affluent, demanding father, Martin’s, expectations.

    Pieces of Her

    Role of characters:

    Laura Oliver has raised her grown daughter Andy on her own and lives a simple life. Andy is a troublesome character that seems too over her head to deal with everything hurled at her successfully.

    Collette, like Laura, contributes to the upliftment of the situation. Pieces of Her is instead engaging on that level and in those terms, but it still feels like it will be less than the sum of its pieces as a series.

    It’s a no-frills thriller as well as a poignant family drama. The complicated friendship between Laura and Andy and their distinct personal journeys provide a solid foundation for the complex concept and back-and-forth between times.

    The series, like the novel, lags because it frequently switches attention from the perspective of history to fill in the gaps at a snail’s pace.

    All but one of the two timelines is intriguing, which doesn’t help matters. Shortly, the series is worth watching.

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    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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