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Raiders Welcomes Davante Adams

    Raiders Welcomes Davante Adams

    Raiders Welcomes Davante Adams

    Raiders Welcomes Davante Adams as per the contract recently made. The homecoming of Davante Adams to the Green Bay Packers was not greeted with the same zeal as Aaron Rodgers’.

    Adams, Rodgers’ top target, was sent to the Raiders in a sensational transaction only moments after Rodgers did sign his new contract. The Raiders sent the Packers their first-round pick number 22 overall and second-round pick in this year’s draft Number 53.

    The Packers now have four first-round picks, including Nos. 28 and 59, in the first 60. Adams, 29, will negotiate a five-year deal with Las Vegas at $28.5 million per season, with a total value of $67.5 million. Raiders Welcomes Davante Adams as they now have another strong player on their teams.

    Raiders Welcomes Davante Adams as they know that they will improve on their passing game by adding Adams to go with wide receiver Hunter Renfrow, tight end Darren Waller, & other support receivers to help quarterback Derek Carr move the ball downfield easier, especially on long passes.

    Moreover, They needed a replacement for their now-jailed & most likely out of the NFL receiver Henry Ruggs. Adams will be teaming up with his Fresno State college teammate, Carr who will again be throwing passes to him. Back then, the two were a great passing combination that the Raiders are counting on history repeating itself.

    Why Raiders Drafted Davante Adams?

    Davante Adams is a five-time Pro Bowler in his prime. He is one of the top candidates for the best wide receivers in the NFL as of 2022. He’s just an incredible receiver. One of the best route runners has speed and a big physical body has the best hands in football.

    Hard to shut down even in double coverage and against the best corners in the league. He puts in the work every year and that’s why he has monster stats. Extremely reliable as a receiver.

    Lastly, He is even famous to get open no matter who is covering them, and rarely if ever does a defense manage to take them out of a game. He is indeed one of a kind player. It is one of the reasons why the Raiders welcomed the player Davante Adams.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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