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Rihanna and Rocky split rumors

    Rihanna and Rocky split rumors

    Rihanna and Rocky split rumors

    Rihanna and Rocky split rumors stirred up chaos among the fans. She is the 34-year-old singer, who is pregnant with ASAP Rocky’s child.

    Rocky is a 33-year-old rapper, singer, and record producer. The couple had a photoshoot in New York City, announcing the couple’s first child through the photos.

    Rihanna was in a pink coat, undone from the bottom, with a gold cross and multicolored jewels, revealing the baby bump. In the photographs, ASAP Rocky was kissing the singer on the forehead.

    Rihanna shared not to purchase maternity clothes. Since then, the singer has been rocking the pregnancy looks, revealing the baby bump and setting new bars for maternity fashion.

    People are praising Rihanna’s take on maternity fashion. Even fashion designers praised the singer, saying Rihanna is changing pregnancy fashion.

    Rihanna and ASAP Rocky showed up together at various fashion shows and even did interviews about the first baby. So how did the Rihanna and Rocky split rumors start?


    Rihanna and Rocky split rumors started when Louis Roma, a fashion influencer, tweeted about it. Louis revealed that the couple had broken up because Rocky cheated on Rihanna with Amina Muaddi, a shoe designer.

    Muaddi has collaborated with Rihanna’s brand, Fenty. Also, the singer is noticed wearing Muaddi’s shoes often.

    According to Louis, the couple was having a good time at Craigs in Los Angeles. And got into an argument because Rihanna caught Rocky cheating on the singer with Muaddi.

    The singer was crying at a table. The news of the couple’s breakup shocked the fans. Fans took over social media to verify the situation, hoping nothing was right.

    Finally, Amina Muaddi posted on social media, showing disgust. The designer did not mention the rumor directly but denied it. Later, Louis apologized for spreading false rumors.

    The parents-to-be were photographed at the airport as the couple left for the singer’s hometown, proving the split rumors wrong.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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