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Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Coming back

    Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Coming Back

    Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Coming back

    Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is coming back soon. Taco Bell had removed this item from their menu during the pandemic. After receiving multiple requests to bring this item back, Taco has finally announced that it will return to the menu in mid-May.

    Mexican Pizza, also known as dubbed pizza, first appeared on the Taco Bell menu in 1985. It comprises two flour shells topped with pizza sauce, seasoned beef, tomatoes, and melted cheese.

    The interesting thing about Mexican Pizza is that you can order without seasoning meat, making it unique for vegetarians. 

    The CEO of Taco Bell said, “We always try to add those items to our menu that most people like. And no doubt Mexican Pizza is on the top of the list. As there is a long history with this brand. So, we’re glad we can fulfill fans’ desires and bring our classic Mexican Pizza back to its original location.”

    Who brought Taco Bell Mexican Pizza back?

    Doja Cat, a lover of fast food for years, has been called the “voice of the Taco Bell people.” Recently, she shouted to the audience, ‌”Taco bell Mexican pizza is coming back to the menu on May 19, 2022″.

    During COVID-19, many restaurants had to trim their menus due to the pandemic. Taco Bell also removed this item and claimed that the packaging for this item is not eco-friendly. They further said that it accounted for over 7 billion pounds of paperboard in the US annually.

    For Taco Bell, the decision to remove its fan-favourite items sparked an intense backlash on social media. And it continued over a year later. On the petition, almost 200,000 signatures have garnered to bring this item back. 

    Krish Jagirdar, an Indian American, first noted that Mexican Pizza is most popular in the south Asian Community. He further said, “Most Indian Americans had preferred to eat vegetarian and had limited access to fast food. So. Taco Bell became a bridge for belonging for many of us who grew up in immigrant households,” said Jagirdar.

    “Although in 2020, removal of the favourite fast food from Taco Bell menu was extremely destructive. However, on a conference call with the Taco team as they announced Mexican Pizza coming back. It demonstrates that they listen to their customers.”

    By: Tayyaba Zareen

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