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Will Smith Career is Over

    Will Smith Career is Over

    Will Smith Career is Over

    Will Smith career is coming to an end, and things are getting hard for him. This is the man who is supposedly in treatment and appears to be losing a lot of money.

    Will Smith’s all upcoming projects are on hold because of his smack on Chris Rock at the Oscars.

    Because of the hit, Apple allegedly postponed the premiere of Smith’s highly anticipated film Emancipation until 2023.

    Before Slap gate, the movie was already receiving Oscar hype.

    According to Bloomberg sources, Netflix has canceled the follow-up to Smith’s 2017 thriller picture Bright, directed by David Ayer. Although they insist the cancellation has nothing to do with the smack.

    The actor’s National Geographic nature program Pole to Pole, which was to start filming this year and would have followed the 53-year-old entertainer to the North and South Poles, has also been postponed until fall 2022.

    All these points highlight that Will Smith’s career is almost over.


    Another project Smith put on hold was a Sony feature Bad Boys 4, that was delayed, as well as the Fast and Furious a Netflix project.

    Meanwhile, Will Smith returned to the spotlight on May 20 when he appeared on David Letterman’s Netflix show. In the show, Letterman says “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” and had a conversation with Will.

    Fans interested in hearing Smith discuss the startling incident will be unhappy, as Smith and Letterman, made their conversation before the Academy Awards.

    If Smith wants to keep his acting career going, he needs to do much more than personally apologize to Chris Rock.

    Since his surprising move at the Oscars in March, Will Smith has met blowback. According to rumors, the actor is in therapy due to what happened.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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