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YOU season 3 on Netflix

    YOU season 3 on Netflix

    YOU season 3 on Netflix

    YOU is a series that you should immediately add to your watch list if you are a thriller addict and enjoy watching crime fiction.

    This show created quite a stir on the internet, and it was revived for a third season owing to its psychological topics and grim tone.

    The third season of YOU just aired, making headlines on the internet because of its intriguing yet strange twist.

    The final episode, titled “WHAT IS LOVE,” caused a sense of utter confusion among audiences. They are left wondering who will perish in the last episode.

    Will Love Quinn be able to kill Joe and save herself, or will she continue to give him a chance?

    YOU season 3 on Netflix

    Last Episode: What is Love ending Explained:

    Joe is optimistic about his future. The suspense begins with the most unpleasant roast chicken supper ever. When Love learns of Ryan’s death, she notices Joe’s bloody shirt and connects the dots.

    She inquires about Marienne, and Joe’s silence provides the necessary confession. Joe then uttered five perilous words: “Love, I’m looking for a divorce.” And then grabs the carving knife that Love dosed with aconite.

    But how can Joe die so quickly? Joe admits that he’s always been one step ahead of Love. He was able to inject Love with the lethal amount of aconite he had prepared for her earlier when he noticed she was sprouting aconite.

    Love warns him with her dying breath that Henry will figure out who he is, but he’s prepared for that as well. Joe was left all alone once more, and he never found the affection he desired.

    How did he manage to run away with all this?

    We don’t call Joe psycho for nothing. It was a spectacular conclusion, with Joe not only killing Love but also slicing off his toes and setting fire to their house so he could fake his death and neatly portray Love as Madre Linda’s deadly femme fatale.

    So, after perpetrating many homicides, abandoning his baby kid, and faking his death, what’s a guy to do? Of course, go to Paris! That’s right: Joe’s Eat, Pray, Love era begins at the end of season three of YOU.

    It’s all good. Joe’s life was given a hard reset by moving him out of the claustrophobic slums.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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