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Convidecia CanSino vaccine

    Convidecia CanSino vaccine

    Convidecia CanSino vaccine

    Convidecia CanSino Vaccine is a single-dose viral vector vaccine for COVID-19 developed by CanSino Biologics.

    Convidecia CanSino vaccine

    Production:  CanSinoBIO Biologics

    Age requirements: 18 and above

    Dosage: Single Dose.

    European approval: March 22, 2021 (Hungary)

    Storage: Safe, stable storage and transportation between 2°C and 8°C for three months, two months at 25°C, three weeks at 37°C

    Effectiveness: 95.47% effective overall in preventing severe COVID-19 diseases 14 days after vaccination.

    Pakistani authority showed an efficacy rate of 100% against severe COVID-19 disease and 74.8% at preventing all symptomatic COVID-19 disease

    Advantages: Convidecia™ can be stably transported between 2°C and 8°C and stored for at least three months.

    It is estimated to remain stable for over two months at 25°C and three weeks at 37°C. Making it more accessible to regions with insufficient storage facilities.

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