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The COVID menace!

    The COVID menace!

    The COVID menace!

    The COVID menace!

    The COVID menace!

    Pakistan is heading toward a COVID-19’s  4th wave emergency, yet the response of the Federal government has so far been unsatisfactory. Experts say the country could face a huge catastrophe if the authorities don’t act properly.

    “What can we do about the coronavirus? One can die of a heart attack. Death is inevitable and it could come anywhere,” is the general perception of the public.

    Karachi is Pakistan’s financial hub with a population of around 20 million people yet, As of 30th May, around 21870 COVID-19 cases have been reported in the metropolis, and around  66457 nationwide, out of which the southern Sindh province has reported more than 26113 which kept increasing since then. 

    Experts say the coronavirus cases in Pakistan are steadily increasing, yet the authorities and the common people seem to be taking the issue lightly for the next wave.

    Like Saudi Arabia and other countries, Pakistan imposed a ban on mosque prayers and large religious gatherings, resulting in a backlash from religious groups. The prime minister and President met with prominent religious clerics to take them into confidence about the health measures.

    Despite the vaccination urge, the next few days are crucial for Pakistan’s coronavirus battle. If the cases continue to multiply, the authorities will have to impose lockdowns once again, but that is easier said than done.

    Most people don’t follow rules and a lockdown like the one in Italy or China would be hard to enforce in a country like Pakistan as observed during the final days of Ramadan and Eid.

    The country’s powerful army has said and reinsured that it was monitoring the situation closely. The military has also opened up its health facilities for coronavirus patients.

    Has a total lockdown or curfew become inevitable or only the Pakistani military can help to implement SOPs? That would undermine Khan’s civilian rule, but people here say that the country is heading toward a state of emergency and the central government is proving to be quite incompetent to deal with COVID-19.


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