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    2020 & EDUCATION

    2020 & EDUCATION

    2020 & EDUCATION

    No doubt 2020 has been a difficult and strategic year for the entire world, But the Covid 19 pandemic’s most drastic effect fell upon education.

    2020 & EDUCATION

    Education has been a very sensitive field in comparison with others because the students who get educated in institutions are an important asset to a country and most of them are youngsters.

    No government will force students into a classroom in a pandemic, but on the other hand, education is very important.

    Being educated is so important for survival and there are many under-developed countries where education is in crisis and should be continued.

    Well, they tried to continue education in spite of Covid and the solution was “Online Education” but here many other problems arise.

    Getting an online education is easier in most developed countries but What about the poor countries?

    How will they manage to educate their assets (students)? Answering these questions is difficult because the answer is yet “Online Education”.

    From January 2020, the Pandemic was spreading rapidly across the world and causing lockdowns and closure of educational institutions. This situation was totally unexpected, no one had ever imagined this, which made it difficult for us to make decisions.

    This had unexpected effects on the education system of the world. Many countries were digitally developed but still, it was challenging because education and learning are not so simple.

    You see learning has many factors and the learning styles of students vary a lot, which means an online education does not solve all our problems.

    Students learn better when they collaborate, discuss and perform whatever they learn and obviously, the environment is a major factor that makes education either easy or difficult to achieve.

    During Lockdown, Many students across the world were getting education simultaneously many were not, This has two main reasons:

    1. Mental wellness
    2. Poverty

    Mental wellness is as important as physical wellness and during strict lockdowns rarely one was mentally healthy due to weird conditions and losing loved ones.

    On the other hand, poverty was a barrier that made students of poor countries deficient in their education.

    As lockdowns are easing many countries are prioritizing the opening of educational institutions but the Pandemic isn’t over.

    However, we have learned many things about it, now we can in some ways protect ourselves by following SOPs, etc.

    It still has issues, like students of higher classes can get physical education but what about kids? Children are not able to follow SOPs etc.

    So it’s difficult for education to continue in a pandemic, should we wait it out till the virus is completely eliminated.

    Just after the vaccine of COVID-19 was manufactured people are no longer afraid of the virus but there are many questions ahead like when they will get vaccinated etc and what’s next?

    Surely, there will be post-pandemic effects on education in the future but mostly they will be related to financial and economical issues. Whatever happens in the pandemic will be seen in the future but by making collaborative efforts we can minimize further effects on education.

    By: Usama Shaikh

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