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An Ecstatic Journey to Umluj

    Journey to Umluj

    An Ecstatic Journey to Umluj

    An Ecstatic Journey to Umluj

    “Travel and Change of Place impart new vigor to the mind.” 

    One of the most beautiful and mystical adventures of my life so far was the time I streamed across the shorelines of Umluj, down the Northwest coast of Saudi Arabia and one of the governorates of the region.

    The majestic nature of the place qualifies itself to be known as the Maldives of Saudi Arabia. Each day of that trip brought new stunning sights and exquisite adventures, as might be expected from such a grand landscape and a precarious mode of travel.

    I remember the breathtaking part of this trip when we canoed near the island situated in the middle of the ocean and fed the heavenly seagulls charming the blissful aura.

    Swimming in the refreshing, crystal clear water was another magnificent addition to the memory.

    That evening ended with a spectacular sunset and a bonfire later at night.

    Another serene experience was camping at the seashore and joyful gatherings with loved ones.

    It was all a surreal experience that became saddening for me when we were about to leave.

    This trip brought me closer to nature and emphasized the importance of soul-feeding.

    The ecstatic experience will always be remembered in the most aesthetic and glorious ways.

    Writer – Ahmed Abdullah

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